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The technical issues around desktop and laptop computers can often be as confusing as the pricing issues. We all think that we know what we want from a computer. We know if it's a cheap desktop or laptop that we want or whether we are happy with a straightforward notebook. However, when we suddenly find that there are hundreds of different pieces of technology, with differing capacities and competencies and widely diverse prices, we have to stop and think! Fortunately, there are many reliable comparison sites, some of which provide useful user and technical reviews of the P.C. Not all the sites concentrate solely on the price. Many are interested at least as much, if not more, in the hardware's technical specifications and its performance. We have listed contributions from both types of site so that all varieties of potential computer purchaser can compare the different types of computer price comparison site. Below are some of the more popular ones.

Computers feature amongst the many products compared by this popular and helpful site. Within the broad range of computer and computer associated products that are compared and reviewed by Kelkoo are desktop and laptop computers as well as a range of hardware, software and computer peripherals and accessories.

Another retail comparison website which has appeared under other categories on this site. Pricegrabber's website includes, amongst the extensive range of consumer products that it compares, a wide variety of computers and computer accessories.

PC Site
A dedicated computer comparison and review website, PC Suite compares laptops, provides links to expert laptop reviews and provides access to voucher codes to help the consumer to save money on a laptop purchase. An easy to use and helpful site for those looking to acquire a laptop computer.

Review Centre
Comprehensive and independent worldwide comparison and review site with a multitude of reviews of computer systems. As with every category that the Review Centre compares, the computer section is unbiased and thorough. Definitely worth a look.

PC Mag
Provides a really detailed and highly sophisticated review of laptop and desktop computers with contributions from genuine experts in the computing field. Full of information and product news and reviews, PC Mag is a must for those who are interested in something more than just a brief overview of products. Its reviews are thorough and in-depth.

Broadband Deals
Comparing broadband deals from the main UK broadband providers, Broadband Deals also provides a handy 60 second broadband savings test. Comparisons are provided for broadband only, broadband and phone and broadband, television and phone. The site also has links to helpful guides and its own blog. Well worth a visit if you are looking to compare the cost of broadband deals.

IT Reviews
Another useful review and comparison website for a variety of computer products, including software, hardware and computer gaming reviews. The website can also offer the user some useful information on the optimisation of their computer systems.

Laptop Reviews
As the name of the site suggests, it specialises in the review and comparison of laptops and notebooks. As such it presents as an informative, easy to follow and comprehensive analysis of a wide range of portable computers.

Test Freaks
Reviews from over 60 countries and from thousands of different contributors makes this a site that is well worth considering, particularly for those who have an interest in the more technical side of computing and computer technology.

Useful comparison site with an engine that searches according to both technical specification and price. Helpful for those who are searching for a clearly identified deal. Millions of products from thousands of stores are compared and reviewed by Dealtime, including an extensive selection of laptop and desktop computers and accessories.

A leader in the field of electronic product review, Cnet's site houses a great computer technical and price comparison section from real specialists in the fields of computers and computing. A must for the computer experts.

One of the leading comparison sites in the UK, Shopzilla provides a comprehensive comparison of a wide range of laptop and desktop computers.

Consumer Search - Computers and Internet
Online general shopping comparison site which includes, amongst its various review products, a range of computers, laptops and peripherals.

Games Comparison
A great site for the players of computer games, the site compares the prices of Nintendo Wii games, XBox 360 games, PS3 games, DS games and PSP games.

PC Checker
Compares computers in the UK, giving each of them an individual rating to reveal the best value deals. Checks the latest prices at online retailers several times a day and rates over 2000 different computers. A great site for the computer enthusiast.

Popular UK comparison site that provides easy access to comparison of computers desktops, laptops and peripherals. As with all of its product and price comparisons, Pricerunner can provide useful information and price savings on computers and computer accessories.

Provides review and comparisons of computers, laptops, accessories, peripherals and computer components. A useful site for all those interested in computing in the wider sense, those who may be interested in upgrading an existing computer may find what they need on this site.

Panda Laptops
As you would imagine, from the name of the site, Panda specialise in providing comparisons of laptop computers. They compare products by reference to price, brand, screen size, processor type, processor speed, memory, hard drive an operating system. A useful site to include in your list of computer comparison sites.

Wizmark Computers
Another individual product orientated website, Wizmark provides comparisons of Dell Desktop and Laptop computers as well as links to Hot Deals, Discount Codes, Local Store Deals and Reviews.

So Much Easier
More of a list of the principal online computer retailers than a comparison site as such, but nevertheless So Much Easier's Website is nevertheless worthy of mention for the easy  to follow list-style layout and the useful links to the external sites.

Once again, this ever reliable consumer review and comparison site provides a thorough and unbiased online database for its users, detailing its view of the best deals available. A must- visit website for those consumers who demand truly independent advice.

Compare Laptops
Dedicated computer price comparison site, which enables the consumer to search for laptop deals by reference to popularity, brand colour, price, specifications and store. Links to computer related accessories and other electronic items are also provided to the site user.

Planet Prices
Another of the retail comparison sites in the UK, Planet Prices provides a comprehensive comparison of a wide range of retail goods, including laptop and desktop computers. Also compares mobile phones, televisions, games consoles, digital cameras and media players. Powered by Pricegrabber, there is also a United States site.

Save Buckets
UK comparison site with easy access to comparisons of a variety of desktop and laptop computers. Unsurprisingly, their site suggests that if you are looking for a computer you need to visit them - to save buckets of money!

ZD Net
Extensive, informative and consumer-friendly comparison and review website. ZD Net provides the user with genuinely helpful information relating to all aspects of computer products and performance as well as hardware and software.

Magic Comparison
Technological  website, offering price comparisons of Blu ray, DVD,  CD, PC and video games, ipods and the major gaming consoles.

Once again, Ciao, one of the foremost worldwide price comparison websites holds its own in the field of computer products, reviewing a vast array of desktop and laptop computers and a seemingly endless selection of products associated with computers and computing.

Compare Console Prices
In the field of gaming computers, this site offers price comparisons of all the major video gaming consoles from all of the leading UK games retailers. For those who are interested in computer games and are looking for a cheap games console, this site may well be worth a look.

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